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The Spiders that crawl through the dark forests are huge and bloated creatures, but even these monsters are not the largest of their kind. There are Spiders of unbelievable antiquity and size; the mothers and fathers of untold lesser spiders. These are gigantic arachnids that wait in the darkest corners of forests and tunnels. The Forest Goblins often use them as War Beasts to charge the enemy, many of them so large that they may take them as a mount, in the same way a man may ride a warhorse.


6x Giant Spiderlings ideal for 60mm Bases (not included)

Giant Spiderlings

  •  This model will come scaled to tabletop 28/32mm standard. It will be posted unpainted and unassembled.

    All models are printed in a high 12K resin quality.

    All models have had their supports removed. They have been washed and cured and are ready to prime and paint.

    However, some supports may still be left and it may require minor cleanup.

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