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Dem lil snotty goblinz made sum alright kit 'ere boss. Maybe we shud sit 'ere and shootz dem? -Said no ork ever.


Save £25 on the full pack!


This pack contains...

1x Kustomised Mega Artillery

1x Standard Artillery

1x Bubble Blower Artillery

1x Traktor Beam Generator

1x Big Smashing Kannon



These guns do not contain any crew as of the moment however they platforms are still available.

Mekka Gunz Mega Pack!

  •  This model will come scaled to tabletop 28/32mm standard. It will be posted unpainted and unassembled.

    All models are printed in a high 12K resin quality.

    All models have had their supports removed. They have been washed and cured and are ready to prime and paint.

    However, some supports may still be left and it may require minor cleanup.

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