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The Stryga-Pattern Gunship is one of the most versatile multi-role aircraft found in the galaxy's imperial regiments. Capable of being retrofitted on the fly by sanctioned Tech-Priests to fly under almost any atmospheric conditions, the Stryga finds itself a prized commodity in the higher echelons of command as their personal transport aircraft.

While rarer than its more common cousin, it fulfills the role of air-to-ground strikes and troop transport with a much more aggressive payload and versatility. Capable of being outfitted with missiles, rocket pods, lascannons, bolters, and gatling rotary cannons, it can be equipped for any mission and any target, where in mass troop landings or impressive, earthshattering gun runs.8


This kit is is extremely modular. 

-4 different cockpit styles based on grimdark versions of popular gunships and helicopters.
- Variety of wing and rotor options, some of which are not mutually exclusive.
-To solve the structural integrity of rotor blades printed in resin, the rotor mast is designed with the inclusion of 2mm brass rods that are to be treaded through the mast and the rotors. These can be easily found on Amazon. We will look at supplying our own soon!
- Fully magnetized weapon hardpoints on the wings.

Stryga-Pattern Gunship

  •  This model will come scaled to tabletop 28/32mm standard. It will be posted unpainted and unassembled.

    All models are printed in a high 12K resin quality.

    All models have had their supports removed. They have been washed and cured and are ready to prime and paint.

    However, some supports may still be left and it may require minor cleanup.

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