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The Badger Personal Hardsuit - named due to the pilot's exposed head resembling a Badger poking its head out of a burrow- is a piece of equipment both loved and hated by many in the ranks of the Starborne. While the suit is incredibly strong and extremely well armored - enough that it has a decent chance of surviving a minor nuclear detonation- it is also extremely cramped and uncomfortable for the operator. Additionally, since a number of plates must be bolted on after the pilot enters into the suit, the only way to exit without assistance is either by detonating the locking pins, which destroys the suit, or death. Because of this many refuse the offer to become a pilot, out of fear that the suit will become their tomb. Those that accept however, are terrors upon the battlefield, able to wield immense weaponry with ease and stride fearlessely through heavy barrages.


This kit contains...

1x X19 Badger Personal Hardsuit Torso

1x Armoured Head

1x Unarmoured Head


One of the following:
1x Powered Mace and Shield

1x Arm Mounted Shell Launcher and Shield

1x Light Auto Cannon

X19 Badger Personal Hardsuit

  •  This model will come scaled to tabletop 28/32mm standard. It will be posted unpainted and unassembled.

    All models are printed in a high 12K resin quality.

    All models have had their supports removed. They have been washed and cured and are ready to prime and paint.

    However, some supports may still be left and it may require minor cleanup.

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